Commercial equipment repair services.

If you have any equipment, such as CNC or embroidery machine failure we can help. Just drop us a call for this bespoke service.

Wiring Pinouts of RJ45 Connectors for network cables

PCC Group provides connection of multiple computers for internet access

Roaming Wifi for Home Users

Ever have internet only working in one room? Or homeplugs have not given the speeds required? Pccgroup are now deploying cable networking with end tail equipment to allow full wifi access at any location in the home.

Hotel computer access control systems.

Do you require limiting your guest usage time? Or to know how many devices are on your network? Or maybe to gain further information about them? Pccgroup can offer complete internet access control system. Using cisco equipment, with most endpoint access points..

Video Door Bell System

Ever want to know who is at the door? PCC Group has new innovation to enable this. We have a wireless screen that can be moved to any room. Call button will make the video come alive and display who is at the door, with two way voice calls that enables communications with the person at the door.

Call centre Complete computer packages

Are you ready to setup a call centre? Few users or want to expand? PCCGroup are now offering complete packages
10 user system plus switch 16 port          
23 user system plus switch 24 port          
47 user system plus switch 48 port          
95 user system 2 switches 48 port